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PennyMac Loan Services is a national residential mortgage lender that was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Westlake Village, California. PennyMac was initially set up for working with distressed loans, following which it started working on origination and refinancing. PennyMac offers loan production, loan servicing, and investment management services. It is the 4th largest loan originator and 8th largest servicer in the US and has over 5,300 employees.

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What is a Loan Originator and Loan Servicer?

A Loan Originator is a company that focuses on creating and giving home loans. The loan origination process consists of a team of individuals such as the mortgage loan officer, loan processor and underwriters. The loan officer guides mortgage borrowers in the application process such as getting the right type of loan and even helps in determining terms of the mortgage. Loan originators primary goal is to maximise the number of mortgages taken from their company.

Loan Servicers assist home buyers with the administrative tasks associated with their mortgages during the life of the loan. These tasks include maintaining records of payments, sending monthly statements, collecting payments, paying insurance and taxes and following up with delinquencies.

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