FHA Loan Limits By County 2022

This Page Was Last Updated: September 01, 2022
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The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) offers mortgage insurance on loans aimed at low and moderate-income earners through FHA-approved lenders. In other words, FHA protects the lender if you default on your loan. It is important to understand that FHA does not provide the loans itself; it has a list of approved lenders which provide the loan while the FHA guarantees the loan, hence the name “FHA insured loans.” They require a lower minimum down payment of 3.5% and a minimum credit score of 500, making them easier to qualify for than many conventional loans. FHA loans come in fixed and adjustable-rate mortgages with terms of 15 or 30 years. These factors make FHA loans a very attractive option for first-time homebuyers who do not have enough saved for a large down payment, have a low credit score, or have even been bankrupt in the past.

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FHA loans have limits and cannot be used for all loan amounts, the loan limit varies by county. The loan limit in 2022 range from $420,680 to $970,800. For example, the upper limit for FHA loans on single-family homes in Yukon–Koyukuk Census Area, Alaska is $420,680. Whereas, in San Francisco County, California the upper limit is $970,800. All FHA loan limits can be found on the Housing & Urban Developments website.

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