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The following USDA Eligibility calculator will help determine if you are eligible for a USDA Loan based on the eligibility criteria set out by the United States Department of Agriculture. Information such as status, location, income, debt, and credit score will be required.

USDA Loan Eligibility Calculator

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What are the USDA Loan Eligibility Requirements?

USDA loan has several criteria in order to determine eligibility, the calculator above can determine eligibility with some basic information. Here are the following requirements for a USDA Home Loan:

CriteriaUSDA Requirement
StatusUS Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident
LocationPopulation < 20,000
Type of ResidencePrimary Residence
Household IncomeHousehold Income < 115% Median Income
Debt RequirementDebt-to-Income (DTI) Ratio< 41%
Minimum Credit ScoreNo Credit Score Requirement
  1. Residency Status - The individual taking out the USDA loan must be a US citizen or lawful permanent resident.
  2. Location - The home must be located in a rural area which is defined by the USDA as an area with less than 20,000 individuals. If your county is not available in the calculator, your area is not eligible for a USDA loan.
  3. Primary Residence - The home must be the primary residence of the home buyer. USDA loans cannot be used for investment purposes, vacation homes, and the purchase of farms.
  4. Household Income
    1. There must be a dependable source of income for payments, which can be proven by showing tax returns for the past 24 months. USDA loans also have clauses that allow for unforeseen circumstances such as loss of a job, medical emergency, or other events beyond the applicant’s control, in these cases the lender can make exceptions regarding the borrower’s finances.
    2. Your annual household income cannot exceed 115% of the median income. For example, if the median household income in the area is $50,000, to be eligible, your income must be below $57,500 ($50,000 * 115%). A second example, if the median income is $80,000, then the household income cannot exceed $92,000 ($80,000 * 115%).
  5. Debt Requirement - Your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio must be less than 41%. The DTI ratio as defined by Fannie Mae is the total monthly debt payments for loans such as auto & student loans and the sum of minimum monthly payments for credit cards divided by monthly household income. This means that monthly debt repayments such as auto loan payments, student loan payments, and your minimum credit card payments cannot exceed 41% of your monthly income. For example, if monthly income is $5,000 then the monthly debt payments cannot be greater than $2,050 ($5000 * 41%).
  6. Minimum Credit Score - There are no minimum credit score requirements, just an acceptable credit history is required. If an acceptable credit history is not available, USDA lenders can also accept non-traditional credit reports that credit agencies manually produce based on proof of payment. The credit agency can look at the recurring payment for utility, insurance, tuition, rent, and even childcare expenses. Credit score is not an eligibility criterion, but it does help determine if you are a candidate for a streamlined application process or a manual process.
    1. If credit score is above 640 – USDA Loan with Streamline Process
    2. If credit score is below 640 – USDA Loan with Manual Process
    The streamlined process is a lot faster as all the requirements are standardized allowing you to be accepted for a USDA loan quickly. The manual process occurs if your credit score is below 640 as this poses additional risk for the lender and therefore, the lender and USDA might require more details and information.
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