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How to Calculate Square Footage

Our calculator helps you find the area of a home, building, construction area, and garden in square feet, square meters, and square yards. You can find the cost of the area using the cost per square foot for landscaping projects or other projects that require building materials. To calculate the square footage of an area, you first need to find the required dimensions for the appropriate shape. For example, for a rectangular room in need of new flooring, you would need to multiply the length and width. If the shape of your room is irregular, then it would be best to divide the area into smaller shapes and add up the individual areas.

For example

Let’s assume the area you want to calculate looks like this:

If you have the different heights of each section, the total length of the area, and the smaller bottom length, the total area can be split up into 3 shapes. First, the rectangle’s area would be S2 * S3. Next, we can find the triangle’s area using the length of the rectangle because it is also the triangle’s base, so the area of the triangle would be S3 * S1 / 2. Lastly, the area of the trapezoid can be found with the formula (S5 + S3) / 2 * S4. Splitting up the area into individual shapes is an easy way to find the total area of any given odd shape as long as you have the appropriate measurements.

How to Convert Square Footage to Yards/Meters

To convert between units for a given area, you can use these conversion factors:

  • Square Feet → Square Yards: Divide ft2 by 9
  • Square Feet → Square Meters: Multiply ft2 by .092903
  • Square Yards → Square Feet: Multiply yd2 by 9
  • Square Yards → Square Meters: Multiple yd2 by .836217
  • Square Meters → Square Feet: Multiply m2 by 10.763915
  • Square Meters → Square Yards: Multiply m2 by 1.19599

Converting between units2 is similar to converting between regular units. The only difference is the conversion between units2 is the conversion between units done twice. For example, to convert from feet to yards, you would divide ft by 3, but to convert from square feet to square yards, you would divide by 3 and then divide by 3 again. This is the same as dividing by 32 or 9.

How to Calculate Square Footage of Different Shapes and Areas

How to Find the Square Footage of a Square

How to Find the Square Footage of a Rectangle

For a rectangle, you can use any two sides as long as they are perpendicular.

How to Find the Square Footage of a Rectangle Border Area

How to Find the Square Footage of a Circle

Alternatively, you can use the radius in the formula πr2 because the radius equals half the diameter.

What is π?

π, also known as “pi”, is a number (approximately equal to 3.14) used to calculate shapes with circular curves.

How to Find the Square Footage of a Ring

How to Find the Square Footage of a Triangle

Using Base and Height

Using 3 Side Lengths

This method is called “Heron’s Formula”.

How to Find the Square Footage of a Trapezoid

How to Find the Square Footage of a Sector

How to Find the Square Footage of a Quadrilateral

It is much easier to find the area of a quadrilateral with 2 angles, so the method shown below is recommended.

This method is called “Bretschneider's Formula”.

If you only have access to one angle (Angle A), you can calculate the other angle and then use the above formula to find the total area.

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