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Wells Fargo is a multinational financial institution founded in 1852 with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. The Bank provides insurance, mortgages, investments, and consumer and commercial banking services. Wells Fargo is the 4th largest bank in the US by total assets with $1.97 trillion in assets under management and employs more than 268,000 individuals. It has operations in over 42 countries to facilitate global banking and serves 1 in 3 households in the US. In 2019, they closed over $305 billion in mortgages in the US making it the largest American mortgage lender in total mortgage amounts.

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Wells Fargo Online Banking

Before you apply for a mortgage, Wells Fargo has an in-depth mortgage calculator that can help you determine transparent information about your mortgage. By entering some basic real estate information, you can get your Wells Fargo mortgage rate, estimated monthly payment, and relevant closing costs. This makes it much easier to compare your mortgage to other lenders.

Once you are ready to apply, Wells Fargo recommends that you talk to a loan officer who can answer any questions about getting a mortgage and help you through the mortgage application process. You can then start with an online mortgage application. Here, you will have to enter your personal and financial information, which will take about 30 minutes. You will also have to consent to a hard credit inquiry, which will temporarily decrease your credit score. Once you complete these steps, you can keep tabs on your mortgage application online using Wells Fargo’s yourLoanTracker. Here, you can also manage the mortgage process by uploading supporting documents and signing important disclosures.

Wells Fargo Customer Service

Wells Fargo recommends contacting a home mortgage consultant by calling 1-877-937-9357 or by finding a mortgage consultant online.

This mortgage consultant will help you throughout the entire mortgage process right up until closing. Generally, you should be connected with one within a few minutes. You can also directly request for a mortgage consultant to call you at a scheduled time. Wells Fargo has 5,129 branches in 36 states, so you should use a local consultant if Wells Fargo has local branches in your state, but you can also use a national consultant.

Wells Fargo Reviews

Through different user reviewing websites, we have aggregated thousands of user ratings and reviews about Wells Fargo to calculate an average performance rating. Since Wells Fargo is a financial institution, many reviews reflect the service of Wells Fargo as a whole rather than its mortgage products. However, since this information reflects Wells Fargo’s quality of service, you can use these user reviews even when deciding on a mortgage broker.

Estimated Average Rating: 3.74/5

Summary of Wells Fargo Pros and Cons

Wells Fargo Pros

Wells Fargo Mortgage Products

As one of the largest financial institutions, Wells Fargo can offer a wide selection of mortgage products. This includes:

Wells Fargo also has a unique mortgage program, yourFirst Mortgage. Home buyers can get mortgages with a minimum down payment as low as 3% for up to $510,000 with a fixed-rate conventional mortgage. There are no minimum income or counseling requirements, but you will need to pay for private mortgage insurance.

Wells Fargo Cons

Home Equity Loans and HELOCs Temporarily Unavailable

Unfortunately, Wells Fargo temporarily suspended new applications for both home equity loans and Home Equity Line of Credits (HELOCs). The coronavirus pandemic has had a large impact on all financial institutions, so Wells Fargo has halted these services until markets return to normal.

Wells Fargo Locations

In 2020, Wells Fargo had 5,129 branches in the US, which is the highest compared to any other US bank. While you can get a Wells Fargo mortgage and use their mortgage programs in any state, they only have physical branches in 36 states. These states include:

New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota

For more information and to find a Wells Fargo branch near you, visit Wells Fargo’s interactive ATM and Banking Locations lookup tool.

Wells Fargo Scandal

On February 21, 2020, the Justice Department announced that Wells Fargo would be paying $3 billion as part of a criminal case for creating fake customer accounts. Often referred to as the account fraud scandal, Wells Fargo created millions of fraudulent savings and checking accounts for customers without their knowledge so that the bank could charge customers additional fees. By the end of 2018, Wells Fargo had been fined a total of $2.9 billion because of the many civil and criminal lawsuits brought against them. While many banks have financial incentives to encourage customers to sign up for many financial products, Wells Fargo employees ordered credit cards, savings accounts, and checking accounts for legitimate clients without their consent.

This scandal has had a lasting and adverse effect on the bank and its customers. Currently, Wells Fargo has 70 million customers and still is one of the largest mortgage lenders in the US.