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The average real estate commission in Georgia is between 5% and 6%. Commissions in Georgia are paid by the seller of the home. The home seller will pay both the selling agent and the buyer's real estate agent. In Georgia, real estate commissions are usually split 50/50, with 50% going to the seller or listing agent, and 50% going to the buyer's agent.

What You Should Know

  • The commission paid to the real estate agents in the U.S. is typically 5%-6% of the house’s sale price
  • The seller is the one who pays for both the commission of the seller agent and the buyer agent
  • The total commission is split between the buyer agent, the seller agent, and their respective brokerages
  • Different U.S. states may have different commissions for real estate agent
  • Real estate agents generally share some of the commission they earn with their brokerage they work for, which is usually in a ratio of 60:40

How Much are Real Estate Commissions in Georgia?

According to Clever, which sources data from local agents, the average real estate commission in Georgia is 5.75% in 2021. The average real estate commission in Atlanta is 5.68%, which is slightly lower than the state average.

Average Real Estate Commission in Georgia

GeorgiaAtlanta, Georgia
Average Commission5.75%5.68%
Average Home Price$223,000$311,000

How can you reduce the commissions that you pay when you sell a home in Georgia?

If you are selling a home, you can negotiate commissions with your selling agent. There are a few factors that will impact the real estate commissions applicable to your home sale. If the current housing market is leading to homes being sold quickly, your agent might be more willing to lower their commission rate. If the same agent represents both the seller and the buyer, the agent might also be more flexible in their commission.

Having the same agent represent both the buyer and seller is also known as dual agency. Dual agency can speed up the transaction, but it also represents a conflict of interest and is illegal in many states, such as Texas and Florida. If your agent is a dual agent, they must disclose it to both you and the buyer.

While referring clients to a real estate agent might make them more willing to lower their commission, Georgia state law does not allow real estate agents to pay a fee or give a gift to someone who provided a referral if they are not themselves a real estate licensee.

There are a number of discount real estate agents and brokers operating in Georgia that are an alternative to expensive full-serve real estate agents. Some of these discount brokers may not post listings on MLS, which can cut down on costs but may also make it harder to reach potential buyers. Other discount brokers may only charge a flat fee, offer cash-back to buyers, or charge a listing fee as low as 1%. Discount brokers often have a minimum commission charged for homes sold under a certain price.

There are also MLS listing services in Georgia that charge only a flat-fee, as low as $200. These listing services will only list on the MLS and might not provide other services. This means that you have to do the work that a listing agent would normally do. This can range from communicating with buyers and agents, creating a website, home staging, professional photography, and open houses. Even though you will save on the listing agent's usual commission, you still have to pay the buyer's agent commission. You are usually able to set the buyer's agent commission in your listing. If you set it too low, agents might be less likely to show your house to prospective buyers.

Who regulates real estate agents in Georgia?

Real estate agents in Georgia are licensed by the Georgia Real Estate Commission & Appraisers Board.

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