Best Homeowners Insurance Companies of March 2023

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Choosing a home insurance company can be tough. You will need to look at their insurance coverage options, coverage limits, deductibles, premiums, as well as their customer satisfaction scores. You should also check if your homeowners insurance includes hazard insurance, which may protect you from certain natural disasters. Even if an insurer offers the best homeowners insurance rates, you will still need to consider the cost of add-ons, called insurance endorsements, that might not be included in a standard insurance package. Here are the top 10 homeowners insurance companies of March 2023.

Summary of Best Homeowners Insurance Companies of March 2023

Other top picks:

Amica Mutual Insurance

Best home insurance company for customer satisfaction

Average Amica Homeowners Insurance Rate: $2,644*

Availability: All states except for Alaska and Hawaii

J.D. Power Rating: 854/1,000

Why we chose Amica: The J.D. Power Home Insurance Study measures customer satisfaction in interactions, policy offerings, price, billing process and policy information, and claims. Amica has been ranked first in the J.D. Power Home Insurance Study for 19 years out of the last 20 years. Amica also has more J.D. Power awards than any other U.S. home insurance company for customer satisfaction. This makes Amica a top pick for customers looking for not just great customer service, but also for a great insurance claims experience.


Founded in 1907, Amica Insurance was the first company to receive 50 J.D. Power awards. Their great customer experience is reflected in their customer loyalty, with a third of Amica customers having been with the insurance company for more than 20 years.

An unique feature that Amica Insurance offers is their home insurance dividend policies. If you choose to get Amica's dividend policies rather than their traditional (non-dividend) policies, you can get up to 20% of your annual premium back. Amica's dividend payments are usually around 5% to 20% of your premium. You can get your dividend either as a check, a direct deposit to your bank account, or to use towards future insurance premium payments. However, Amica's dividend insurance policies have a higher premium than their traditional insurance policies.

Amica has three rungs of home insurance coverage: standard, extended, and premier. Amica’s Platinum Choice Home bundles together their extended coverage options all into one package.

Amica Standard Home Insurance Coverage:

  • Dwelling Coverage
  • Other Structures Coverage
  • Personal Property Coverage
  • Loss of Use Coverage
  • Personal Liability Coverage

Amica Extended Home Insurance Coverage:

  • Dwelling Replacement Coverage: Covers the cost of rebuilding or repairing, even if it is above your coverage limit (up to 30% over your limit).
  • Personal Property Replacement Coverage
  • Valuable Items Coverage: Coverage for damage
  • Identity Fraud Expense Coverage
  • Catastrophic Coverage: For earthquakes and floods
  • Home Business Coverage

Amica Premier Home Insurance Coverage:

  • Water Backup/Sump Overflow Coverage: Up to $5,000
  • Computer Coverage
  • Business Property Coverage: Up to $5,000 at home or $2,000 away from home
  • Credit Card Coverage: Up to $5,000
  • Value Items Extended Coverage: For damages as well as if they are lost or stolen
  • Loss Assessment Plan: Coverage for common areas that you do not own around your residence
  • Liability and Medical Payment Coverage: Up to $300,000/$500,000 for personal liability claims and $5,000 for medical payment coverage
Amica Home Insurance Discounts

Amica has a wide variety of homeowners insurance discounts. This includes policy and safety discounts:

  • Loyalty: If you have been insured at the same insurance company for two years or more
  • Multi-line: If you bundle your home insurance with life, auto, umbrella, or renters insurance
  • Claim-free: If you haven’t made an insurance claim in three years or more
  • Autopay: If you pay your insurance premiums automatically
  • E-discount: If you choose to receive your insurance policy and bills electronically, rather than through paper mail
  • Alarm system: If your home has a sprinkler system, burglar, or fire alarms
  • Automatic detection devices: If your home has systems that can detect temperature, water leaks, or gas leaks
  • New/remodeled home credit: If your home is new or has recently been remodeled
Amica Home Insurance Reviews:

Average Review Rating: 4.1 from 1,061 reviews

Consumer Affairs: 4.0 / 5.0 from 703 reviews

BBB: 1.46 / 5.0 from 37 reviews

Trustpilot: 4.6 / 5.0 from 321 reviews

Erie Insurance

Average Erie Homeowners Insurance Rate: $897*

Availability: 12 states - Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia

J.D. Power Rating: 835/1,000

Why we chose Erie Insurance: Erie Insurance's motto "Above all in service", shows the company's commitment to customer service. This goes as far as the company's name being part of the word "service". While Erie Insurance operates in a limited number of states, they have thousands of employees and insurance agents that help to offer personalized and local service. This shows in their numbers, with 90% of Erie Insurance customers returning year after year. They're also the 12th largest home insurer in the U.S., which is an impressive feat considering their small regional footprint. Erie Insurance has 24/7 support for their over 6 million insurance policyholders.


Erie Insurance has a strong set of coverage in their ErieSecure Home base policy plan. This includes:

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost: Erie covers 100% of the replacement or rebuilding cost of your home, not just the cash value of your home after depreciation.
  • Personal Property Coverage
  • Theft Coverage: Including items that are lost or misplaced
  • Coverage for Valuables: Enough for valuables such as jewelry and watches
  • Gift Card and Gift Certificate Reimbursement Coverage: Covers the value of gift cards for stores and businesses that have closed through paper mail
  • Pet Coverage: Up to $500
  • Cash and Precious Metals Coverage: Up to $500 gas leaks
  • Coverage for Hard-to-Replace Items: For items such as deeds and passports

Optional insurance coverage add-ons that are available by Erie Insurance include:

  • Water Backup & Sump Overflow
  • Personal Liability
  • Identity Recovery
  • Service Line Protection
Erie Home Insurance Discounts
  • Multi-policy discount: Save from 16% to 25% if you bundle your life and auto insurance with your homeowners insurance
  • Systems credit: Get a discount on your insurance premiums if your home has a smoke alarm, burglary alarm, or an sprinkler system
  • Advanced quote discount: Get a discount if you get a quote before your insurance policy renews
Erie Insurance Reviews:

Average Review Rating: 2.7 from 262 reviews

Consumer Affairs: 3.7 / 5.0 from 144 reviews

BBB: 1.33 / 5.0 from 51 reviews

Yelp: 1.5 / 5.0 from 67 reviews

State Farm

Average State Farm Homeowners Insurance Rate: $1,503*

Availability: All states

J.D. Power Rating: 835/1,000

Why we chose State Farm: State Farm is the largest homeowners insurance company in the United States, and that means you can expect to have nationwide availability and local agents that are backed by a financially-sound company. Founded in 1922, State Farm has been the largest homeowners insurance company since 1964. Now, State Farm offers 100 products to 85 million insurance policyholders. Throughout 2020, State Farm handled 22,000 claims every single day on average. State Farm's homeowners insurance policy covers all the basics for an affordable cost along with a high J.D. Power customer satisfaction rating.


State Farm features a basic set of standard homeowners insurance coverage:

  • Dwelling coverage
  • Personal liability coverage
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Personal property coverage: For fire, lightning, windstorm, hail, or theft
  • Other structures coverage
State Farm Insurance Discounts
  • Multi-policy discount: Policyholders save an average of $965 by bundling your auto and home insurance with State Farm
  • Home security discount: Get a discount if you have a home monitoring system, such as a fire, smoke, or burglar alarm
  • Roofing discount: If you have roofing that is impact resistant, such as hail resistant shingles
  • Claim free discount: If you haven’t made an home insurance claim for a certain period
  • Utilities rating discount: If you update your home utilities
  • Automatic sprinkler discount: If you have automatic fire sprinklers

In most states, you can receive a free Ting smart plug to monitor for any electrical faults in your home. You can also receive up to $1,000 towards fixing electrical hazards that your Ting smart plug has found.

Other types of insurance that State Farm offers include car insurance, small business insurance, life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, liability insurance, pet medical insurance, and boat insurance. There's also a wide variety of investment accounts offered, such as retirement IRAs and Roth accounts, mutual funds, and education savings plans.

State Farm Home Insurance Reviews:

Average Review Rating: 1.4 from 468 reviews

Consumer Affairs: 2.2 / 5.0 from 34 reviews

BBB: 1.23 / 5.0 from 321 reviews

Trustpilot: 1.8 / 5.0 from 113 reviews


Best homeowners insurance company in California

Average AAA Homeowners Insurance Rate: $1,440*

Availability: All states

J.D. Power Rating: 834/1,000

Why we chose AAA: While AAA is well known for auto insurance, they also offer homeowners insurance too. Made up of local and regional clubs, AAA home insurance is available in all states. Automobile Club of Southern California is the largest affiliate of AAA, and was ranked number two in JD Power's 2021 Home Insurance Study, making it the best homeowners insurance in California. The Automobile Club of Southern California, known as CSAA, operates in northern California and also offers homeowners insurance to 23 states. CSAA was ranked eleventh, while the Automobile Club Group (AAA) was ranked fifth overall. With AAA and their affiliated groups, you can get outstanding and local customer service that is backed by a strong and well-known name.


Being an AAA member also gives you great perks, such as discounts on entertainment tickets, travel deals, and savings on products. Homeowners insurance discounts and savings vary depending on your state and local club.

AAA Home Insurance Discounts

AAA offers a variety of discounts on their home insurance plans. This includes:

  • Bundling discount: You can save up to 25% when you bundle your home and auto insurance with AAA. Plus, AAA members can get a 5% discount
  • Protective discount: If you have a burglar or fire alarm, you can save up to 9%
  • Mature homeowner discount: If you're at least 50 years old, you can save up to 12%
  • Age of home discount: You can save up to 37% depending on the age of your home
  • Renovated home discount: You can save up to 21% if your home has been recently renovated
  • Loyalty discount: You can save up to 10% if you have been insured with AAA for at least one year
AAA Home Insurance Reviews:

Average Review Rating: 3.6 from 3,573 reviews

Consumer Affairs: 3.9 / 5.0 from 3,049 reviews

Yelp: 2.5 / 5.0 from 129 reviews

Trustpilot: 1.6 / 5.0 from 395 reviews

American Family Insurance

Average American Family Homeowners Insurance Rate: $1,295*

Availability: 19 States - Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin

J.D. Power Rating: 831/1,000

Why we chose American Family: American Family Insurance, also known as AmFam, offers a wide variety of insurance coverage options with 24/7 claims support and a convenient mobile app. While American Family shines through in their auto insurance line, their home insurance line is still a strong option for homeowners looking for unique coverage add-ons at a reasonable price. Plus, their many discount options means that you can save money on your premiums.


For over 90 years, American Family has been providing insurance with a mission of protecting the dreams of their valued customers. Home insurance coverage offered by American Family include:

  • Standard policy coverage: Home structure, detached structures, personal belongings, temporary living expenses, and liability protection against against fire, smoke, tornadoes, leaking roofs, lightning, theft, hail, windstorms, falling objects, wildfires, frozen plumbing, riots, vandalism, power surges, and ice or snow weight
  • Equipment breakdown coverage: For the repair or replacement of equipment, such as appliances, electrical systems, computers, furnaces, water heaters, and swimming pool equipment. The cost starts from $30 per year.
  • Sump pump coverage: Protects against water damage from a failed sump pump or backed-up drain. It doesn't cover flooding or leaking foundations. The cost is around $50 to $250 per year.
  • Matching siding coverage: If the siding of your home has been damaged by a covered event and needs to be replaced, this policy add-on covers the cost of purchasing matching siding for your home. This means that instead of just covering the damaged siding, American Family covers the cost of replacing the entire siding of the home, up to $20,000. This coverage costs from $25 per year.
  • Credit theft and protection monitoring: Through CyberScout, this plan costs $40 to $70 per year, per person.
  • Hidden water damage: Covers water damage from hidden leaks, such as those within walls or under appliances. You can choose to be covered for up to $25,000.

Diminishing deductible: With this add-on, your home insurance deductible for certain events is reduced by $100 per year, which then rests once you make a claim. For example, if your home deductible is $1,000, then a claim five years later means that you will only need to pay a $500 deductible. Your deductible is then reset to $1,000 for your next claim, with it also going down by $100 per year with no claims. With this add-on, your deductible may even go to $0 if you haven't made any claims for a certain period of time. However, this add-on does increase the annual cost of your insurance policy.

American Family Home Insurance Discounts

American Family offers a variety of discounts on their home insurance plans. This includes:

  • Smart home discount: You can save on your home insurance premium if you have smart smoke detectors, smart home water sensors, a video doorbell camera, or a smart thermostat.
  • Multi-policy discount: If you bundle your home and auto insurance with American Family, you can on average save 29% on your auto insurance premium and 20% on your home insurance premium.
  • Payment discount: You can receive discounts if you go paperless for billing statements, if you add auto pay, and a full pay discount if you pay your policy premium in full within three days of accepting or renewing your insurance policy.
  • Loyalty discount: If you have been insured with American Family for at least one year.
  • Age of home discount: If your home is less than 15 years old, you may receive a discount in certain states.
  • Generational discount: If your parents have an active American Family insurance policy and you are between 18 and 30 years old, you can receive a discount on your policy premium
  • Renovated home discount: If you have renovated your home in the last 15 years by replacing your plumbing, electrical, and heating systems.
  • New homeowners discount: If you purchased your first home within the last three years

American Family has also grown recently through their new subsidiaries and affiliates, CONNECT, Homesite, and The General.

CONNECT by American Family

CONNECT, a subsidiary of American Family, also offers standard auto and home insurance. In addition, they also offer some unique insurance endorsements, added benefits, and a wide range of discount eligibility offers.

Their insurance endorsement add-on offerings include:

  • Scheduled property coverage: For high-value items such as jewelry, stamps, coins, cameras, computers, fine art, firearms, and musical instruments. This add-on costs around 1% to 2% of the item's value per year, and there's no deductible should you need to make a claim.
  • Earthquake coverage: An add-on to standard home, condo, and renters insurance policies
  • Mine subsidence coverage: Covers against damage to buildings that are located over a mine, such as if the land collapses or erodes
  • Loss of use coverage: Provides coverage for additional living expenses should you need to live elsewhere, up to 12 months, such as if your home becomes uninhabitable and needs to be repaired.
  • Home media equipment endorsement: Covers home media, such as TVs, home theaters, computers, and cellphones, from $2,500 coverage or more
  • Adventure equipment endorsement: Covers the cost of golf clubs, skis, bikes, and fishing equipment for no deductible with no appraisal needed
  • Personal injury endorsement: Covers damages that might happen should someone become injured on your property, such as for being imprisoned, being falsely arrested, or for malicious prosecution.
  • Deductibles: CONNECT has separate deductible amounts for hurricane damages and damages from wind or hail.

CONNECT has additional benefits for being an insured policyholder. These benefits are free, and there are no deductibles for claiming them:

  • Identity theft protection: Covers up to $5,000 in costs
  • Stolen credit card use: Covers unauthorized credit card use
  • Food spoilage protection: Covers up to $500 for food replacement if there is a power failure that causes food spoilage
  • Lock replacement protection: Covers up to $100 to replace your locks if your home has been broken into
  • Wildfire loss protection: Covers the cost of reducing potential damages from wildfires for policyholders in California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Arizona. This includes the cost of removing flammable debris, setting up sprinklers, sealing vents, and applying fire retardant

Available CONNECT insurance discounts include:

  • Age of home discount: Receive a discount that is based on how new your home is
  • Claims-free discount: Receive a discount if you haven’t made an insurance claim in the last five years
  • Protective devices discount: Receive a discount for having safety devices in your home, such as smoke alarms, deadbolt locks, sprinklers, and fire extinguishers
  • Tenure discount: If you've been with CONNECT for a certain number of years, you can receive a discount depending on your state
  • Multi-product discount: Receive a discount if you also get a CONNECT auto or umbrella insurance policy
  • Renovation discounts: Get discounts if you have: replaced your roof, replaced your heating and cooling system, or replaced your electrical system in the last nine years. You can also get a discount if you have replaced your plumbing in the last seven years.
Homesite by American Family

Homesite by American Family makes home insurance easy. You can apply for home insurance online in minutes. Plus, you can make your claims online too. This makes the home insurance experience entirely digital, which means that you can "purchase insurance anytime, anywhere" - the tagline of Homesite.

American Family Home Insurance Reviews:

Average Review Rating: 3.4 from 334 reviews

Consumer Affairs: 4.0 / 5.0 from 258 reviews

BBB: 1.14 / 5.0 from 37 reviews

Trustpilot: 1.5 / 5.0 from 39 reviews


Best home insurance company for high-value homes

Average AIG Homeowners Insurance Rate: $3,564**

Availability: All states

J.D. Power Rating: 830/1,000

Why we chose AIG: AIG isn’t for homeowners looking for an affordable insurance policy. Instead, AIG focuses on insuring high-value homes, and in turn comes with high coverage limits and exclusive benefits. Homeowners that need extensive coverage to protect their expensive property will be well served with an home insurance policy from AIG.


American International Group, most commonly known as AIG, is among one of the largest insurance companies in the world. With operations in over 80 countries, high-value individuals with multiple homes in multiple countries would be able to have their home insurance all with AIG. Besides just insuring foreign properties, AIG lets you tailor your insurance policy to fit your needs. While AIG insures multinational properties, their customer support team is based in the U.S. with 24/7 support.

Highlights of AIG home insurance include:

  • Rebuilding your home, even if the costs will be over your policy limit
  • You have the option of receiving cash for your claims, rather than property being repaired or replaced
  • The value of personal property isn't depreciated when considering claims
  • Additional living expenses are covered for uninhabitable homes

Protection services that AIG offers for their home insurance policies include:

  • Wildfire protection: Prevent wildfire damage by having real-time fire monitoring, private response trucks, and mitigation efforts during a wildfire, such as the application of fire blocking agents/fire retardants, if your property can be accessed.
  • Hurricane protection: : Outreach that helps homeowners with installing shutters, relocating valuable items and vehicles, locking doors and windows, securing outdoor art, tree trimming, and creating an evacuation plan. After a hurricane, AIG will check in with affected policyholders and refer them to restoration companies.
  • Water damage protection: Limit water damage with water shut-off systems and sensors.
  • Smart build: Get consulations when building your home around ways to reduce or prevent risks. You can save on your insurance premiums if you incorporate the measures that they have suggested.
  • Background checks: Be able to conduct a background check on your private staff, from your nannies to chefs, all the way to your financial advisors and contractors.
  • Personal security: Get personal security services for when you need it.

AIG’s insurance coverage and endorsements/policy riders include:

  • Building ordinance coverage: You're covered for costs of rebuilding your home to meet local building ordinances
  • Rental income coverage: If a home is being rented out, your lost rental income is covered
  • Contents away from property coverage: Your insured personal property is covered worldwide
  • Food spoilage: Covers the cost of food spoilage during a power outage, with a $250 deductible required
  • Loss assessment coverage: For condo owners or homeowners in a HOA, this coverage is for loss assessments of up to $100,000 required by your condo board or HOA after an event
  • Pets coverage: Covers the cost of damage caused by pets
  • Landscaping coverage: Covers up to 5% of your property coverage limit, or up to $5,000 for individual trees, shrubs, or plants, for covered events
  • Staff and guest property coverage: Covers personal property of private staff and guests
  • Fire department coverage: Covers the cost of fire department charges with no deductible
  • Lock replacement coverage: Covers the cost of replacing your locks if you lose your keys or if they are stolen, with no deductible
  • Business property coverage: Covers up to $25,000 to your business property
  • Equipment coverage: Covers up to $1 million for home equipment
  • Green rebuilding coverage: If your home is damaged and needs to be rebuilt, this add-on covers the cost of using environmentally-friendly materials
  • Deductible coverage: Waives your deductible if your deductible is $25,000 or less and the covered loss is more than $50,000
  • Content coverage: Covers up to $5,000 for securities, stamps, jewelry, furs, watercraft, guns, and trailers. Covers up to $2,500 for money, up to $10,000 for silverware, and up to $50,000 for fragile items, grave markers, and mausoleums.
  • Household Safeguard: This covers up to $250,000 in costs after a traumatic event, including kidnappings, child abductions, home invasions, and hijackings

Other insurance products that AIG offers include:

  • Kidnap, Ransom & Extortion Insurance
  • Aerospace & Aviation Insurance
  • Political Risk Insurance
  • Multinational Insurance
AIG Home Insurance Reviews:

Average Review Rating: 3.4 from 415 reviews

Consumer Affairs: 3.9 / 5.0 from 283 reviews

BBB: 1.02 / 5.0 from 48 reviews

Trustpilot: 3.1 / 5.0 from 84 reviews


Average Allstate Homeowners Insurance Rate: $1,458*

Availability: All states

J.D. Power Rating: 829/1,000

Why we chose Allstate: Allstate has a strong variety of coverage options plus enticing discounts that makes it a solid choice for homeowners looking to get home insurance from one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. While Allstate fell from 6th place in J.D. Power’s 2020 study to 10th place in 2021, Allstate offers home insurance at competitive rates with nationwide availability. We also ranked Allstate as the best homeowners insurance in Florida, due in part to having local insurance agents in over 180 cities and communities across Florida.


Allstate Home Extras sets Allstate’s home insurance policies apart from their competitors. These extra benefits are optional add-ons that are part of their Enhanced insurance package:

  • Claim RateGuard: For the first claim in any five-year period, your insurance premium won’t go up.
  • Deductible Rewards: Get $100 off your deductible each year if you don't file a claim, up to a maximum discount of $500 off your deductible
  • Claim-Free Rewards: Get 5% cashback every year if you don't file a home insurance claim

Available Allstate home insurance discounts include:

  • Multi-policy discount: Get up to 25% off your home insurance if you bundle your home and auto insurance
  • Responsible payment discount: Get a discount if you pay your home insurance premium on time and/or in-full
  • Claim-free discount: Get up to 20% off your home insurance if you switch to Allstate and you haven’t made a recent home insurance claim
  • Welcome & loyalty discount: Save 10% when you switch to Allstate, plus save 10% every year as a loyalty discount
  • Home buyer discount: Get a discount if you have recently purchased your home
  • Easy pay plan discount: Get up to 5% off if you use auto pay
  • Early signing discount: Get up to 10% off if you sign up for a new home insurance policy before your current policy expires

Encompass Insurance, a subsidiary of Allstate, is only available through independent insurance agents. This means that you can get tailored insurance solutions from a local agent. An unique policy feature that Encompass Insurance offers is their mortgage rate protection coverage. With this feature, you're covered for up to $20,000 in costs, such as closing costs, if you need to get a new mortgage with a higher mortgage rate after rebuilding your home due to a covered event.

Allstate Home Insurance Reviews:

Average Review Rating: 2.8 from 2,447 reviews

Consumer Affairs: 3.2 / 5.0 from 1,940 reviews

BBB: 1.11 / 5.0 from 389 reviews

Trustpilot: 1.5 / 5.0 from 118 reviews


Average Progressive Homeowners Insurance Rate: $1,026*

Availability: 48 states, except for Florida and Iowa

J.D. Power Rating: 821/1,000

Why we chose Progressive: While Progressive is the third largest insurance company in the United States, they don’t directly provide home insurance themselves. Instead, Progressive’s HomeQuote Explorer allows you to compare home insurance quotes from multiple third-party insurance providers. You'll be able to see your coverage options, possible discounts, and prices all from one search.


When you search for a home insurance quote from Progressive, you'll receive multiple quotes from Progessive's numerous affiliated and third-party insurance providers. This means that you will be able to get cheap home insurance rates, but customer service might not be as great.

Progessive’s third-party home insurance providers include:

  • All Risks, LTD
  • American Modern
  • American Strategic Insurance Corp
  • Assurant
  • First American Property and Casualty Insurance Group
  • Foremost Insurance Group
  • Homesite Insurance Group
  • IDS Property Casualty Insurance Company
  • National General Insurance
  • Nationwide
  • Occidental Fire and Casualty Company of North Carolina
  • Plymouth Rock
  • QBE Insurance Corporation
Progressive Home Insurance Reviews:

Average Review Rating: 1.1 from 1,062 reviews

Yelp: 1.0 / 5.0 from 403 reviews

BBB: 1.1 / 5.0 from 498 reviews

Trustpilot: 1.4 / 5.0 from 161 reviews


Average Farmers Homeowners Insurance Rate: $1,980*

Availability: All states

J.D. Power Rating: 813/1,000

Why we chose Farmers: A good selection of coverage options means that Farmers is suitable for most homeowners that don’t need unusual coverage features. One thing that sets Farmers Insurance apart is that all insurance policyholders own Farmers Insurance Exchange. This means that you have voting rights for the Farmers Exchange Board of Governors. While policyholders are owners, they don’t share in any profits or losses. Instead, being able to vote for the board of governors gives policyholders the ability to be slightly more involved with the company. Farmers Insurance also purchased MetLife's auto and home insurance business in 2021, allowing Farmers to now provide home insurance to all 50 states.


Farmers Smart Plan Home comes in three different packages: standard, enhanced, and premier. You can add coverage to these packages or change your coverage limits individually. With Farmers Insurance, you'll also be able to benefit from these discount features at no cost:

  • Declining Deductibles: Get $50 to be used towards your deductible every year, except for policyholders in California or Florida
  • Claims Free Discount: Save on your Farmers home insurance if you haven't made a claim from any home insurer in the past three years
  • Claim Forgiveness: Your Farmers home insurance premium won't go up if you make a claim, provided that you haven't made a claim in the past five years
Farmers Home Insurance Reviews:

Average Review Rating: 2.5 from 322 reviews

Consumer Affairs: 3.9 / 5.0 from 128 reviews

BBB: 1.4 / 5.0 from 172 reviews

Trustpilot: 2.6 / 5.0 from 22 reviews


Average Nationwide Homeowners Insurance Rate: $1,042*

Availability: 43 states, except for Florida, New Mexico, New Jersey, Louisiana, Massacheusets, Alaska, and Hawaii

J.D. Power Rating: 812/1,000

Why we chose Nationwide: Nationwide offers affordable home insurance policies with basic coverage options, including dwelling, personal property, liability, loss of use, and other structures coverage. While Nationwide isn’t available in all states, it’s a strong choice for homeowners looking to get insurance from a reputable insurance company.


Two features of Nationwide are their Brand New Belongings and Better Roof Replacement features. With Brand New Belongings, you'll be able to replace covered items with new items, even if they were old and used. With Better Roof Replacement, you can rebuild your roof with stronger materials after a covered event.

Nationwide's Smart Home Program, available in 13 states, lets you save an average of $50 per year by ordering the Notion Smart Home Monitoring system with a 50% discounted rate.

Nationwide’s On Your Side review allows you to get an annual free insurance review should you need it, and can answer your questions, review your coverage, and see if there are any discounts that you are eligible for.

Nationwide Home Insurance Reviews:

Average Review Rating: 3.6 from 2,381 reviews

Consumer Affairs: 3.9 / 5.0 from 207 reviews

BBB: 1.16 / 5.0 from 173 reviews

WalletHub: 3.8 / 5.0 from 2,001 reviews

Other Top Picks for Homeowners Insurance March 2023


Best homeowners insurance company in Texas

Average USAA Homeowners Insurance Rate: $992*

Availability: All states

J.D. Power Rating: 882/1,000

USAA Home Insurance Reviews:

Average Review Rating: 1.4 from 2,831 reviews

Consumer Affairs: 3.8 / 5.0 from 195 reviews

BBB: 1.23 / 5.0 from 1,444 reviews

Trustpilot: 1.3 / 5.0 from 1,192 reviews

Liberty Mutual

Average Liberty Mutual Homeowners Insurance Rate: $1,404**

Availability: All states

J.D. Power Rating: 806/1,000

Liberty Mutual Home Insurance Reviews:

Average Review Rating: 1.6 from 883 reviews

Consumer Affairs: 3.9 / 5.0 from 169 reviews

BBB: 1.08 / 5.0 from 616 reviews

Trustpilot: 1.3 / 5.0 from 98 reviews


Average Chubb Homeowners Insurance Rate: $1,630*

Availability: All states

J.D. Power Rating: 801/1,000

Chubb Home Insurance Reviews:

Average Review Rating: 3.6 from 88 reviews

Consumer Affairs: 2.9 / 5.0 from 16 reviews

InsurEye: 2.3 / 5.0 from 3 reviews

Clearsurance: 3.9 / 5.0 from 69 reviews


Average Travelers Homeowners Insurance Rate: $1,269*

Availability: 44 states, except for Florida, Michigan, Louisiana, West Virginia, Alaska, and Hawaii

J.D. Power Rating: 800/1,000

Travelers Home Insurance Reviews:

Average Review Rating: 2.6 from 909 reviews

Consumer Affairs: 4.0 / 5.0 from 255 reviews

BBB: 1.12 / 5.0 from 208 reviews

WalletHub: 2.5 / 5.0 from 446 reviews


Average Lemonade Homeowners Insurance Rate: $1,461***

Availability: 23 states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin

J.D. Power Rating: 870/1,000

Lemonade Home Insurance Reviews:

Average Review Rating: 4.3 from 617 reviews

Consumer Affairs: 4.8 / 5.0 from 173 reviews

BBB: 4.06 / 5.0 from 249 reviews

Trustpilot: 4.3 / 5.0 from 195 reviews

Summary of Rates and Availability

Best Homeowners Insurance Rates of March 2023

RankHome Insurance CompanyAverage Homeowners Insurance Rate
1Erie Insurance$897*
6American Family Insurance$1,295
7Liberty Mutual$1,404**
11State Farm$1,503*
13Farmers Insurance$1,980*

State Availability by Homeowners Insurance Company

RankHome Insurance CompanyAverage Homeowners Insurance Rate
1State Farm50 States
2AAA50 States
3AIG50 States
4Allstate50 States
5Farmers50 States
6USAA50 States
7Liberty Mutual50 States
8Chubb50 States
9Amica48 States
10Progressive48 States
11Travelers44 States
12Nationwide43 States
13Lemonade23 States
14American Family Insurance19 States
15Erie Insurance12 States


*According to, as of November 2021

**Average annual premium according to, as of November 2021

***According to, as of November 2021

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